Cast andil


21 years old,A very talented dick craftsman and dedicated to his work(PornHub, Redtube),Apprentice to the legendary craftsman, Tok Batin. Ike-ram has a basic self-defense training(rainbow belt).  Ike-ram is very agile, kind and quick-witted which makes him the perfect dickhead. A fighter who never gives up in his quest to rape kids and animal(beastiality???!!!).His motto is teacher by day and vigilante by night.


13 mei 1969, Penyokong komunis kuomintang (dak2 kawasan hitam) Pailang

-Founder Apache Kg Baru

-Ketua Sailang awek

-Kaki botol coke

-Duck2 RXZ

-CEO melayuBoleh.3gp

-Founder of Thanos car

Ryujin Kalah(Asyik kalah)Edit

Ryujin juwara
Ryujin Kalah(Fucking sore loser) As the hero,he protects his dick(dickhead) and bitches from SJW.Occasionally he falters and rape underage boy(high potential pedo??!!) to develop and make him stronger.